Friday, January 8, 2010

Skis the limits....hahah get it? hahaha! I kill me!

Good-bye off season. Thanks to my philanthropic friend, Magic Bob, I have be hooked up (and hooked to!) Skate/Freestyle Skiing. If you're not familiar with the style, it's the the skiing discipline of bi-athletes. The skis are shorter than classic XC skis and the boots are reinforced to keep them very stiff at the ankle, like a hockey skate. The beginner technique is a lot like ice skating meets flailing retarded monkey. I'm just starting to calm my inner retard monkey and I gotta say I love skate skiing just as much as I thought I would. Physiologically, it's very close to mountain biking with cruising speed and occasional stiff climbs, and similar muscle groups being used plus some that I didn't even know I had.

The early season has been banner for conditions and, like the cycling, the skinny ski community 'round here is awesome. Trails are groomed almost daily and peeps are enthused and just happy to be oot and aboot, as we say it here.

I have noticed some roadie like behaviour, though. How can you pass someone doing the same thing as you, at the exact same time, within feet of the same place, and not acknowledge. I'm not asking for hug and ski geek out, but a nod and perchance a flicker of a smile. F@ck 'em, I say. I'll look forward to ruining the loppet for every one.

Bike Shorts is madly spinning towards it's 2010 showing. This is going down The Bellhouse in Brooklyn on February 28th. I won't be there as I'm way short on air miles and street credit (I don't even abbreviate it properly). But, I will look forward to reports from Sucka Pants and RTMS. Info for locals here and here.

I haven't been on to update in so long that I didn't even do an Xmas booty breakdown. I got this and this. Christmas didn't suck at all this year, but I'm still pretty sure I'm screwing off to milder climes next year.

The Aeropress (this #1) is really crazy. The coffee is good. Really good. I thought it would be great for camping and similar outdoor pursuits of happiness, but I use it everyday. Quick, easy, tasty! Though, I don't know how comfortable I am with supporting the sordid habits of a guy like Alan Adler, Inventor.

Regarding the 1st generation Jones H-bar (this #2) , Holy Sweet Jebus! Craiger has totally outdone himself with this. All I got him was a half pound of medium roasted Haitian Peaberry from Jonnie. I'm not sure if Ti naturally vibrates or if that's me shaking with excitement every time I touch it. Either way it's magical stuff.

If we can hang on to our ice here, there will be an Ice Cross Race at the Rotary Park, Dieppe, NB.

If not it will just be a regular cross race. I'll take it!

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  1. I've been skiing 4 years and still my inner monkey refuses to be calm. Also, I like my Aeropress too.