Friday, August 21, 2009

What! Are you guys still here?

Afrow Craig got 'all up in my headset' about slackin' on the blog duties. I have to give some fodder for his parody blog concept, called Psycle-poop-ic (Craig's not so big on cussin'), where he's just going to intermix video posts of himself reciting my posts in a not so politically correct slow voice with colourful trash commentary. He's done so well this season on Don's Trek 69er that he went and got himself one. An '09 model as it's been discontinued (that's always a good sign). He wants to throw down with the SS kids and he's more than welcome. Afrow Craig... It's on!

How about at the Sugarloaf Bike Festival, Craig? Or will you be putting off alpha male status until next year? Pfffft! There's a lot of hype about this event locally. Racing on a Saturday will be weird, but it'll be nice to stretch out my heckler. A process where one sucks cheap wine from a hole chewed into the corner of a bag of wine (once removed from the cumbersome box), like a mini-sip for 'grownups', and directs slander at the nearest rider. It's nice to sprinkle in some classic jeers, like "Tete a la bar!" and "Torque!". For a more in depth look at the hinterland who's who of hecklers come see Peanut and I next weekend in Cambellton, NB, for the bike festival.

I'm sure most of my readers are familiar with Stevil Kinevil and How to Avoid the Bummer Life. If your not familiar, way to screw it up, because it's no more. Stevil has moved on. I don't why, I just know that you now have no one watching your back if the bummer life is creeping up on you. Constant vigilance is all you can really on! Start with as many of these as you can carry, and the BL will never catch up with you. You can follow his current 'Twits' and past 'Twats' over here. Stevil, the blogg-o-sphere just got a whole lot less radtarded, buddy.

EDIT: To my supreme happiness I owe Prolly for the heads up to Stevil's new blog. Raise your fists with me and All Hail the Black Market!

ECMTB is no more, as well, but it got bigger and better. If your in the east and not hooked up on cogeyed(dot)com, get your shit together. It's new so expect it to get prettier and prettier, like your sister's friends. If your in Freddy Beach, get hooked up with the Fredericton Dirt Zombies group there for group rides and smack talk about other towns.

Speaking of your sister's friends, do they like sandwiches?

I'll just have one bite... Om, nom, nom, nom.

Yoinked from SkinnyGirls, big Sandwiches. If the internet has taught me anything, It's that no matter which of life's simple pleasures your into what you're never alone. Never!

With the new republique bike available from a certain urban cloning... err, clothing company. I though this was pretty funny to catch this pic at the Boner Party.

The face of individuality

Somehow, I can picture any of the stooges in a 'Jesus in my Homeboy' piped tee.

This weekend is the Hadley Challenge here in Fredericton, NB, which is going to highlight 26km of singletrack built by one of or provinces top racer, Matt Hadley (with some help from his family and friends). It's going to be awesome. This is my new home and the riding is phenomenal. It just had to stop raining for a minute or two.

Sugarloaf and the Cambellton municipality has leaped ahead on every other riding local on the east coast of Canada, and finally caught on to mountain biking infrastructure as a destination maker. They hired 3 kids to do nothing, but upkeep trails and build new one's. They're actually spending money on bike specific trails. A first in this (red) neck of the woods. This event should be the cat's meow. Book your camping now.

You wouldn't happen to have some time on you hands. No, not literally. You can stick them back in your pants and keep what's on them to yourself.

It's so hard to pick a favorite. Why not just make you own and never be shunned at the tire fire again.

The Hobo Name Generator by ~Oyer on deviantART

That is it... for now.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm still here... in yur toobz

whether you like it or not.

Don't worry yourselves. My dry spell is winding down. Let's just say, I haven't been waiting all this time for ideal blogging weather.

Get out and ride your bikes. If your laid up, though. This should keep you busy.

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