Monday, November 24, 2008

This Blog is going to the dogs

Ne'erdowell dogs at that!

It's good thing the bike theme of this thing is loosely held (so is the daily part), because it's not very bikey here. We got dumped on and I'm heading out with the snow shoes tonight. There's still some bike stuff to share though. There are now 4 fixed gear riders in town (and one other owner who doesn't ride) and we were sharing a few nights ago. Being such a small contingency it's required that we each share at every meeting. It was shared by Zen Rich that if your pants were ever to become caught in the chain Ring of your fixed gear bike you would be proverbally f**ked. Loos pants or skirt, depending on which you are running/rocking, are a no no. What's a boy/girl/trans to do? Rolling the pant leg up will do in a pinch, but it does get cold here and, though I take the time to carefully pick out socks to match my ensemble, there are those who still think white sports socks are okay to rock/run. They are very much not okay! Skinny pants, then? I'm not shopping for new pants. I don't shop for new anything. Not to mention that now that there are 4 (5) of us we could quickly be labeled hipsters and subjected to universal loathing.
The LBS had some Velcro jobbies, but they were new and a little reflective for my taste. I fell back on a durable rubber band to restrain the cuff and this work very well. I decided to search for something more permanent and rock/run worthy. I found a great bargain at the brooks website, not exactly the Mecca of thrift. With shipping I'm looking at a cool $70CAN. Umm... No. I decided to keep it local and visited the local market. I handed him my blue print for the prototype and a $15 deposit. I was not rocking/running my trustworthy face that day apparently. It would take a week. In that week it would snow 2'. Behold the Trouser Strap of Defamation.

Shout out to my mother who knitted the high performance, moisture wicking socks I'm rocking above.

The custom tuning buttons are to make it more versatile and sporty looking. If I've learned anything from the Fox RLC, it's that people love buttons and dials. The emblazoned Pegasi are to make the rider appear faster and the vulgar phrase (nicked from Bianchi) to plant the seed of inferiority in the heart of any competition. I must say that I'm quite proud of my creation.

Here's some a collection of bikes that are unique if nothing else.


Power assist and runs on methane

Venus to The Red Planet

Ten bucks said they thought of this when one was on the roof getting ready to "drop the elbow" on his friend below who was prostrate on a folding table. The one on the right is made from an old TV antenna while the one on the left is made from, what I think is, an idiocy alloy.

Rotational mass be damned!

Seems to be a little surface rust. Must be a cyclecross bike.

DaVinci came up with this a long time ago he also invented skinny jeans. POSER HIPSTER!

This one I kinda like, but the steering looks a little wonky.

News from Z.Dwnndr! He doing well and finding out that on man's old haunt is anothers' risque foray into the unknown. I'm glad to see he's getting out and meeting "like minds". But, let's make it snappy, eh!

But, do they serve BBQ shinmp in cream sauce.

Well, I'm bushed. Ingenuity is exhausting. I'm off to bed.

Bedpost fixing attachment sold separately.

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